Front Row (L-R) ?, Charlie Healey
Second Row (L-R) 3. John Burke, Bush, Sgt ?, ?, John King, David Jordan
First Row (L-R) Newsome, Sparks?, ?, John King, Suehiro?, ?
Second Row (L-R) ?, Charlie Healey
1966  "A" Battery lost

Their  " ANGEL"  gun.

It was reported that they

were testing a new

sleeve for the barrel that

would increase the life

from 400 to 600

hundred rounds.

Tommie Lee Sills and

four others were killed

on April 3, 1966 when

this test failed. Tommie

is listed on Panel 06E

Line 82 of the Wall.
Reunion of two Proud Americans in Las Vegas June 1999. On the left is Freddie Fitting and with him is Larry Hayashi. They both arrived in Vietnam Aboard the U S Gordon on November 3, 1965. They had not seen each other in over 33 years.
April 1966, Convoy from Cu Chi waits for road clearing operation by the 25TH Infantry Division "Tropic Lightning".