Please Help Us Save “Proud American”  175  mm gun barrel


ABERDEEN, MD 21005-5201



“Proud AMERICAN” gun barrel originally came from Battery A, 2nd Battalion 32nd Artillery. “Proud AMERICAN” is believed to have been the only 175 mm gun barrel in Vietnam. Not only did it serve in the Vietnam War, but it also survived. It is not the magnificent 36 ft. barrel mounted on a track, known as Ml 07, 175 mm Gun. The Proud AMERICAN gun barrel is not in bad shape for an AMERICAN hero, who first arrived in Vietnam, November 3, 1965. To us, the PROUD AMERICANS ASSOCIATION, it is a wounded veteran. The year is 1999 and 34 years later, the gun barrel still remains in pieces.


The PROUD AMERICANS ASSOCIATION, along with Dr. Atwater, the curator from the United States Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, Maryland, would like to see the gun reassembled as a “PROUD AMERICAN”. Someday the task will be completed, but as of now it is in low priority. In order to do this though, we need your help. Due to the low priority of this task thus far at the museum, your signature could help. Please find it in your heart to sign below and preserve the Proud AMERICAN gun and return to its rightful home in Fort Sill Artillery Museum in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


Save Proud AMERICAN!


If you would like to further help the PROUD AMERICAN ASSOCIATION save the Proud AMERICAN gun barrel, please write to:


United States Ordinance Museum

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Attn: Major General Dennis Jackson

Aberdeen, Maryland 21005. 5201