Proud American WEB Site††††† September 30, 2000


The Proud American website went live on May 30, 2000. This site started as a vehicle for swapping pictures and information with some of my buddies from Service Battery 1965 and 1966. It became clear, very quickly, that many Veterans from the 2nd 32nd Artillery were on the Internet and looking to renew contacts with old comrades. Here we are on our four-month anniversary with over 1300 visitors to the site and several reunions because of the postings in the guest book. By signing the Guest Book you give all current and future visitors the opportunity to contact you through EMAIL or phone, if you choose. In a short while, I will be adding our site to the major search engines, this will generate even more traffic, so sign the Guest Book


A number of you have sent me some great pictures. Also, I have received menus of our Thanksgiving Dinners, Rosters, Passes for VC and VC propaganda leaflets. Currently Iím reviewing over 50 documents and pictures for inclusion on the site. If you have sent a picture, information or a document and donít see it on the site, please be patient. Please remember that all pictures, information and documents canít be returned so please make copies.


I donít know what the WEB site will look like a year from now but you will see many changes over the next year because of the volume of information that will be posted and the improvements Homestead will make to their design package.


Iím solely responsible for the WEB site content and any errors should be brought to my attention for correction. Please direct all correspondence to Chuck Healey at the address listed below.


Chuck Healey

PO Box 11

Mount Pocono, PA 18344-0011




Thanks for your interest and support.





Chuck Healey