Proud Americans at Tay Ninh
B Battery May 1968. NVA sapper paid with his life to get this gun. Sapper is laying in the lower left of picture.
Picture upper left: Ms Mai Tron Tai and SP5 Tom Dwyer
Picture upper right: The SI Group mid 1968, first row Mai, Tom Dwyer, Bill Fly. Second row, Bill Matzel, Leo Jackson. Third Row, Gary Lancaster, Joey  Severence.
Picture lower left: Lt Len Rudin with AK47 taken after attack on B and HQ Batteries.
Picture lower right: SP4 Bill Matzel
Picture upper left: Captain James Holmes Asst S-3, Dr Gary Binegar.
Picture upper right: LTC Darwin S. Hyde.
Picture lower left: Chris Noel, voice of Armed Forces VN Radio
Picture lower right: Captain John Chapman, SVC Btry
Picture upper left: 90th Replacement Depl - July 1968
Picture upper right: The lovely Tan-Loc Hotel in Saigon.
Picture lower: Officers Club Tay Ninh, St Barbara.
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Mike Jarrett FDC B Battery February 1968 with 200,000 round.