The stories and actions of the Proud Americans will be detailed on this page. Our stay in Vietnam and the relationships we formed, the battles fought and related experiences will be covered here. If you have a story to tell, please send it along and with the editing help of Mr Terry Nau, your story will be published to this page. As the collection of these stories grows, a publication will be considered for the general public.

Your story can be written on any Word Processor and attached to your Email. Please keep your story to about 1500 words.
Remembering Dugan  by Terry Nau
Proud American Stories
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Rescue Mission by Bill Van Eck
Firing Close Artillery Support by Jerry Granberg
Early Days in Vietnam by JD Gosnell
Message from the Battalion Commander
The Old Bag by Frank James
Addendum to Close Artillery Support Medal of Honor Citation
Las Vegas Reunion March 2003 by Terry Nau
Battle for FSB Pace by Paul Cibolski
The Proud Americans' First Casualties by Rich Andrews
How  FSB Pace Was Named by Tom Colaiezzi
The Night Frank Frangella gave His Life For "A" Battery