Proud American Reunions
Ralph Jones has been the prime organizer of the Proud American Reunions and  he continues his excellent job with all of our activities. If you have any thoughts or questions on this or future reunions, please communicate them to Ralph.  If you didn't come to the previous reunions click below to see the Proud Americans who attended.
Mr Ralph Jones
PO Box 498964
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Fort Sill Proud American Reunion 2001
Atlantic City Proud American Reunon 1999
Visitors Since May 20, 2002

There is one more reunion I'm working on and that is returning the Zippo lighter pictured below to its original owner or his family. The lighter is engraved "SKI" Proud Americans 2/32 Artillery Vietnam 1968. If you can help with this reunion send Chuck Healey the information. This lighter was found recently by Captain Gerster of the Swiss Army Artillery. Captain Gerster collects Zippo lighters, particularly those of the Vietnam era. If you have any ideas who "SKI" could be, let me know.  Captain Gerster is a frequent visitor to the Proud American Web site.
Fort Sill Proud American Reunion 2003
Proud American Memorial Construction
Washington DC Proud American 2005 Reunion
Washington DC Proud American 2007 Reunion
Chicago Proud American 2009 Reunion
Illingworth Ceremony 2010 Fort Sill
Nashville Proud American Reunion 2011
Ceremony in pictures
Washington DC Proud American 2013 Reunion
Letters of Commendation
General Westmoreland
General Abrams
Fort Sill, OK Proud American 2015 Reunion
Williamsburg, VA Proud American 2017 Reunion
Charleston, SC Proud American 2019 Reunion