Proud Americans 2nd of the 32nd Artillery
Reunion May 14, 2003
The following are a few pictures of the people and activities that made our 2003 reunion the best one yet. All those attending are glad they came to Lawton Oklahoma and Fort Sill. Planting the tree and spreading the soil from all 50 states, Vietnam and Europe, at the Proud American Memorial, was worth the trip. Now add a parade and the red carpet treatment from the 6th of the 32nd and you have a very special event. It was confirmed by the Museum Curator, at our closing banquet, that the new museum will be started in the summer months. The Proud Americans will have a prominent place in the Museum and Fort Sill history.
Freddy Fitting arrives at the Howard Johnson Hotel for the Proud American Reunion
Service Battery 1965 -66 reunion standing L to R Larry Hayashi, Sgt Jackson, Chuck Healey, Freddy Fitting and Tony Hoehner seated at table. Tony was not in Service Battery.
Proud Americans getting ready to board bus for the tree planting and tour.
Tree planting at Fort Sill L to R are Rich Andrews, Bill Van Eck and Ralph Jones.
Rich Andrews collectred the dirt and now adds it to the planted tree.
Jerry Granberg at the tree dedication ceremony. Jerry had the above plaques made near his home in Fort Collins Colorado.
Proud American tree planting ceremony is about to start.
After the ceremony some Proud Americans pose for pictures and test the bench.
Proud Americans watching a VHS tape made by Bruce Bachleda of his time in Vietnam
Proud American gun on parade in Lawton.
Jerry Granberg on the gun before it's return to the museum at Fort Sill.
Rich Andrews presents soil and other gifts to Mr Spivey Fort Sill Museum Curator.
Proud Americans group picture at the close of the 2003 reunion.
First row L to R Mr Megehee Museum Staff and Mr Spivey Curator of the Fort Sill Museum, Ralph Jones and Jerry Granberg. Second row L to R Chuck Healey, Rich Andrews, John Conway and Bill Van Eck.
Ralph Jones and Alex Gabris are Proud Americans from A Battery.
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