1999 Proud American Reunion
Proud American Reunion, organized  by Ralph Jones, exhibits two 8" and one 175mm dummy rounds. They weigh 200 and 147 lbs respectivly. How many of us can still lift and carry that weight? Bill Van Eck provided organization and support to this Reunion.
Proud American First Reunion 1999
First Proud American reunion in 1999. First row John Conway Sr, Bill Van Eck and Virgil (Gino) Gimino. Second Row, Alex Gabris, Vine Vocci, Lt Gerald Granberg, Lonzie Bettis Jr, Luke Brady, Bob Teal (black shirt) and Michael Reyes. Third row, Ralph Jones, Bill Dulaney, B. L. Rowland and Richard Ranachowski. Fourth row standing, Joseph Kohlepp, Doug Hamilton, Jerry Bohannon, Michael La rose, John (JJ) Kellerson, Col Lee Hayden III, Ronny Haws, Jim Wilson, Clyde Williams, Ken Victoria, Jerry Harten (white beard), Donald Scultz and Ronald Feldpausch. Standing in the back on the right, Donald Horner and Edward Mudd.