Proud American Reunion 2015
    2ND 32ND Field Artillery
April 23, 2015.
The 2015 reunion was held at Fort Sill, Lawton Oklahoma. We stayed at the Best Western and were given the run of the hotel and enjoyed the grounds and the pool. The tables in the grassy areas behind the building provided an opportunity for catching up and getting acquainted with Proud Americans attending for the first time. The reunion had about 100 attendees and about 11 of those were coming for the first time. Also, there were about 15 members of the current 2ND 32ND Battalion attending, led by their Battalion Commander LTC Timothy Blackwell. LTC Blackwell and his team filled us in on their current operations and provided an honor guard for the ceremonies at Fort Sill. The ceremony was held on April 1, to honor all those that participated in the Battle of Illingworth. Those who gave their all in defense of that Fire Support Base and the others who live with that memory everyday. Ralph Jones, a survivor of that day, put the reunion together and can be very proud of the results. All those that were in attendance and have been to other reunions can say that this one had the most attendees and the organization was outstanding. The weather for our outings was perfect too.

Below you will find links to pictures from the reunion and more will be added over time.

2015 Reunion Pictures