Jim Mahar, B Battery 2/32 Artillery
at Tay Ninh 1968 and 1969
Alley Oop at French Fort 1968 - 1969
Larry Kleinschmidt displaying captured enemy weapons at
French Fort 1968 early 1969
Having some fun at French Fort 1968 -69..
John Harper and his crew. 701 Maintenance Group of the
1 Division. They did engine and tube replacement on the 175 and 8 inch guns..
Jerry Bursky gets new M16 in early 1969 at French Fort.
175 Gun has in-bore while firing counter-battery during rocket attack at Song Be in late June 1970. Possibly a C battery gun and no injuries.
A Battery mortar crew at Xuan Loc 1966. The two Proud Americans on the burm are Kindall (left) and Bagsby. The rest of the crew has not been identified yet.

General Dong, ARVN Airborne Commander presents medal to Lt Gerand L. Granberg on the left is Captain Hayden. Presentation took place at FSB Oklahoma, Cambodia, Fish Hook Region June 29 or 30 1970.
SMG Daniel and Melton 1967 in Tay Ninh