Proud American Memorial Dedicated May 15, 2003

Thanks to all members of the 6th Battalion 32nd Field Artillery for their help in designing and constructinging this memorial to all Proud Americans. A special thanks goes out to 1LT David Jensen for his efforts at planning, designing, securing materials and supervising the construction of this permanent memorial to those Proud Americans, living and dead, that have preserved our freedom and continue to serve their country with pride today. 
Local merchants made donations of materials and time that helped complete this Memorial for dedication on May 15, 2003. The following pictures show some of the physical effort by the men of the 6th Battalion 32nd Field Artillery to construct this lasting Memorial. 
Visitors Since 5-26-2003
The Proud Americans of the Vietnam era thank the 6th Battalion 32nd Artillery for their successful efforts to make this a special Reunion at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 2003.
2LT Mark Guelich  C Battery 6-32 FA
(left to right) SFC Zane Mohler, working with post hole digger (HHS 6-32 FA); 1SG William Stewart, hands in pocket, (A Battery 1SG); CPT Billy Siekman, black T-shirt, A Battery CDR); CPT Chris Boyer, digging hole.
(BN S-1), MAJ Dewey Granger, long sleve shirt, (BN XO); SGT Michael Day, white sleevless shirt
(BN Medic)

1SG Stewart (digging hole),; background left to rightSFC Mohler, CPT Siekman, MAJ Granger
left to right, MAJ Granger,  2LT Guelich, 1SG Stewart, SGT Day, CPT Boyer
left to right, 1SG Stewart, SGT Day, MAJ Granger, CPT Boyer
Back row, left to right, CPT Boyer, 1SG Stewart, CPT Siekman, CPT David Jensen (escort, BN FDO), SFC Mohler, SSG Bolic (BN Medic). Seated, MAJ Granger, CSM Bunch (BN CSM).
Ready for dedication. May 15, 2003